I went deeper and deeper into debt. I sponged off my parents and if they hadnt allowed me to do that I just dont see how I could have kept body and soul together.

Vikram Seth

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Wakuwal (Dream) Audio Download 1 (released 30 April 2017)
Chapter 1 Rakunythinyamirri Wakungul (Deadly Tempest) I
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Serious Love (released 15 January 2017)
A Review Essay of Dare to Dream The Memoirs of Tom and Audrey Mc Donald Stories of Struggle and Hope.
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postcards of the hanging... (released 20 December 2016)
trusted voice amid the turmoil and ignorance
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Game of Lies: The 2016 US Presidential election and the legacy and importance of Hillary Rodham Clinton (released 9 November 2016)
Let us never forget the 2016 election and work with renewed determination to educate our peers, to work for a woman to become President of the United States and above all seek greater integrity in reporting about people, politics and the complexities of government.
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Wakuwal - Dream (released 28 October 2016)
Opening lines of my new book Wakuwal - Dream!
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Two Way Learning Partnerships: North-South and South-North Orbits (released 26 August 2016)
The ISX (www.isx.org.au) and Yolngu elders have cooperated to support several projects to enhance the educational opportunities of young Yolngu people.
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Driving 6700 kilometres to Primary School (released 23 August 2016)
Why is it necessary in 2016 for two young Yolngu brothers and their cousin to drive 6703 kilometres back and forth from Arnhem land to the South Coast of NSW in pursuit of good primary schooling and engagement through a football and netball competition? The short answer is Abstudy does not cover school travel allowances for remote and very remote Aboriginal children at below age 14.
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Family Matters: A Children's Revelation and Revolution from the Northern Territory (released 30 July 2016)
After a harrying 4 Corners expose this week it was a relief to get some positive news from the Northern Territory. NT Labor's policy to create a new Children’s Ministry with wide cabinet power and a whole of government approach to children’s welfare is a first for Australia. Even better the policy designed over several years is spearheaded by Lynne Walker, a widely loved and respected figure from North East Arnhem land, who has done a solid political apprenticeship in government and opposition.
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Moody Blue (released 13 July 2016)
Tribute to Ms. S. D. Gurruwiwi (7 Jan 1955 - 23 March 2016)
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Sticky Money (released 23 April 2016)
From "Co-Mingling" to "Sticky Money": Les Hems describes how the Broome Community Impact Investment Model is starting to fly...
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