Ancient Future: The "Kakadu Plum" Story, Food and Knowledge from Aboriginal Australia for the Twenty First Century

Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) which is known as gubinge, madoorr, madoorroo (Bardi), garbiny (Yawuru), kabinyn (Nyul Nyul), marnybi (Wadeye), nghul nghul, manhmohpan, murunga (East, Central, North East Arnhem) \äṉ’ka-bakarra (North East Arnhem) and colloquially “billy goat plum”, has come, correctly, to be labelled, as a `’super food` but it is much more than that.1 Of all Australian native fruits the chemistry of the kakadu fruit and tree has multi-various therapeutic and bio-active applications for world food, medical, bio-security, beauty, health and manufacturing industries. For the many Northern Aboriginal worlds this borum (bush fruit) symbolizes a strength, vitality and healthfulness of an ancient world that for the first time, the modern world, has come to recognise and seeks in great quantities.