Invert always invert. Turn a situation or a problem upside down. Look at it backwards, whats in it for the othert guy? What happens if all our plans go wrong? where dont we want to go, and how do we get there? Instead of looking for succes, make a list of how we fail instead - through sloth, envy, resentment, self pity, entitlement, all the natural habits of self defeat. Avoid these qualities and you will succeed. Tell me where Im going to die, that is so I dont go there.

Charlie Munger

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

The Voice (released 24 December 2021)
The Final Report on an Indigenous Voice to the Commonwealth Parliament has been received and legislation is pending.
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The Loyalty Letters of Cyril Wyndham (released 20 October 2021)
Cyril Wyndham was a friend and supporter of Dr. H.V. Evatt. These letters show how Wyndham defended Evatt's legacy and reputation to the very end of his own life.
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A productive year 1993 (released 18 October 2021)
Tom Uren, Peter Botsman, Trades Hall, 1993
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Mata Mata (released 18 October 2021)
Mata Mata
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The unwinnable election 1993 (released 18 October 2021)
Don Watson, Don Russell, 1993
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The Tide Coming In (released 8 October 2021)
Djambawa Marawilli and family celebrate the Blue Mud Bay High Court Decision, Garma 2009
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Andrew Mawson and Noel Pearson, 2003 (released 7 October 2021)
Andrew Mawson and Noel Pearson, 2003
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Doug Nicholls, Northcote, 1929 (released 2 October 2021)
Doug Nicholls, Northcote, 1929
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The Little Green Book (released 8 June 2021)
Don Russell’s “little green book” will be a heavily underlined bible on the desks of senior public servants, ministerial staff and policy makers.
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Champion (released 5 March 2021)
Mark Newman, 1967-2021
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