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Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Yes! (released 10 January 2023)
First thoughts on the 2023 Referendum to create a National Voice for Indigenous Australians, enshrined in the Constitution, that will work with and inform the Federal Parliament.
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For Crying Out Loud (released 6 January 2023)
When the earth was corrupt and filled with violence it rained for forty days and forty nights. The flood engulfed the earth, mountains were covered and valleys filled. Noah was 600 years old, his instructions were to build an ark that was 300 metres long and 126 metres wide with three stories. He filled it up with his family and two of “everything of all flesh”. The water rose six metres. After 150 days the waters subsided. Noah’s ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat and the earth made a new start. It rained for more than forty days and nights in Kangaroo Valley in 2022, and in many parts of Australia and the world. At Fitzroy Crossing in early 2023 the water rose 16 metres across a wide flood plain, a record even for the Monsoon period. At Echuca the mighty Dungala rose 80 metres above sea level. Not a record, but high enough to flood the town and the region. What does it all mean?
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D.W. Gurruwiwi, Yidaki Power, 1933-2022 (released 19 December 2022)
Follow the vibration.. across the land to Goulburn Island and back and now to the world...
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Bunguldjama (released 27 September 2022)
If a modest increase in centrelink payments was made to Yolngu participants in bunguldjama (ceremonial work) it might avert a looming catastrophe in the North. It would create new possibilities for work and culture and help to alleviate a terrible cycle of poverty, cultural inconsistency and income inequality.
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"Will you love me tomorrow?": Garma 2022 Interview with Nyunggai Warren Mundine on Constitutional Recognition and The Voice to Parliament (released 4 August 2022)
It is important before the 2023 national referendum to seek out those who are not supporters of an affirmative vote to explore why and to consider the merits of their position or otherwise.
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Constitutional Recognition & Treaty (released 12 July 2022)
Back to the Future: One of the important aspects of this 2014 submission by Bill Moyle, Gerry Moore and I was the idea of a treaty making power with all Aboriginal First Nations based on traditional territory not on colonially imposed boundaries like States. If treaties could be developed with, for example, the Yorta Yorta people in Victoria and like across Australia, this would truly enhance Australia's prosperity, productivity and sense of local unity and pride. We are a top heavy Commonwealth. It was one of the problems of colonialism and one of the problems that came with the 1967 referendum. If we could have the capacity for local treaties, Aboriginal people would overwhelmingly support a referendum.
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Finding Kyanga: Kevin Pearson's Story of Hope, Life and Coming Home (released 5 July 2022)
When Kevin Pearson came over Cambewarra mountain to Kangaroo Valley in April 2022 he heard voices: “He’s here”.”He’s home”. “He’s back”. Kevin had come back home after four lifetimes...
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The Day Eddie Played for Rumba (released 29 May 2022)
When a very well drilled Deniliquin senior football team defeated Rumbalara on Saturday, 22nd April 2022 at Rumbalara’s home ground in Shepparton, with a large crowd in attendance, the day was memorable for more than just who won or lost.
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A Life of Practical Ideas: Tom McDonald and the transformation of Australia (released 11 May 2022)
Two new statues should be commissioned in Sydney: one on the corner of Francis St and Glebe Point Rd, Glebe and the other in the new Bennelong Financial District of the CBD. They should commemorate the boy from Glebe, Tom McDonald, the father of industry superannuation and so much more. His values of integrity, trust, honesty and courage are a guide for us all.
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Stranded (released 12 April 2022)
Vale Chris Bailey
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