Take him, Lord-this morning-
Wash him with hyssup inside and out,
Hang him up and drain him dry of sin,
Pin his ear on the wisdom post,
And make his words sledge hammers of truth-
Beating on the iron heart of sin.
Lord God, this morning-
Put his eyes to the telescope of eternity,
And let him look upon the walls of time,
Lord, turpentine his imagination,
Put perpetual motion in his arms,
Fill him full of the dynamite of thy power,
Anoint him all over with the oil of thy salvaltion,
And set his tongue on fire.

James Weldon, God's Trombones

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Bäpurru (released 23 September 2019)
A selection of images from the bäpurru honouring Ms. P. B. Burarrwaŋa & Ms. A.M.M Burarrwaŋa, July/August 2019
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Mata Mata Creative Trust (released 23 September 2019)
Over many years Mrs. P. B. Burarrwaŋa worked on projects and ideas in the form of an ongoing creative trust for empowering her Mata Mata homelands community.
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Eulogy for Mrs. P.B. Burarrwaŋa (released 23 September 2019)
Notes of a Short Verbal Eulogy for Mrs. P.B. Burarrwaŋa, Friday July 19, 2019, Mata Mata
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Saltwater Dreaming (released 12 September 2019)
“My culture tells me that I cannot turn my back on the saltwater”. Nardaparli/Vida Brown, Wreck Bay, Feb 22, 2017
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Albo and the Road ahead for Labor (released 19 May 2019)
Tom Uren was confident, in all my interactions with him, that his young protégé and apprentice Anthony Albanese would one day lead the Labor Party and go on to become Prime MInister. Tom was a very earthy man who understood the Western suburbs of Sydney intimately. One of his favorite expressions was ‘If you have your roots deep in the people you can blow in the breeze’. He saw in Anthony, raised in the Inner Sydney housing commission flats of Camperdown by his single mother, a young person who was deeply connected to the people and the grass roots of his community.
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From Aboriginal/Indigenous Peoples to First Nations: The Transformation of Australian Politics (released 18 December 2018)
The new enthusiasm of the Federal Labor Party and Bill Shorten to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as first nations in the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia is a turning point in national awareness and sophistication. It catches the Australian Commonwealth parliament up with a growing feeling of the Australian people.
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Labor's Big Shift (released 16 December 2018)
"South Australia was the first place in the world that women could run for parliament.. I am particularly proud to say that if we win the next election our Labor government will be the first in Australian history with 50 per cent women in the parliamentary wing" Bill Shorten, Speech to Open the 48th National Labor Conference
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Coming Round to Bill (released 8 December 2018)
Are Australia's political foundations starting to shift? Trust in Canberra has fallen to a new low. Is this a temporary or a permanent condition of Australian political life? and what does it mean for future Australian governments?
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A New National Narrative (released 2 September 2018)
Australia needs a new narrative that binds all who live here.
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The Promise and Possibility of the Kangaroo Valley Broadband Network (KVBN) (released 2 August 2018)
On Aug 4 the KVBN crowdfunding campaign ends. It is around the 30th biggest of the pozible crowdfunding campaigns in Australia and is the first such campaign to support a community broadband solution. Communities that are badly served by nationally managed broadband solutions are looking carefully at the model to devise their own solutions. KVBN will enable Kangaroo Valley to be more creative, outward looking, vibrant and more economically diversified.
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