Mata Mata Creative Trust

Over many years Mrs. P. B. Burarrwaŋa worked on projects and ideas in the form of an ongoing creative trust for empowering her Mata Mata homelands community.


Mrs. P. B. Burarrwaŋa worked tirelessly for her community and for the future of Mata Mata homelands. Over the years the concept of a creative trust started to form in her mind. This is the legacy she left for her family. It is not a document enshrined in stone but rather something for her children and grand children to work with and develop.

"The Mata Mata Creative Trust supports all forms of traditional culture and creativity based on and around the Mata Mata homelands and surrounding estates. It was commissioned by the late Mrs. B. P. Burarrwaŋa. Its operations are inspired by her life and vision.  Mrs. Burarrwaŋa and her family lived and guarded the cultural integrity of the lands and sea of the area. Integral to their vision is uncompromising, independent, traditional, economic, cultural, social and environmental values. "

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