.. the Democrats winning the House means that the period of the first two years of Trump presidency, in which he and his party had total control, is a thing of the past. And he will be subjected to intense investigation. ...We’re about to see dozens if not hundreds of investigations into the greatest scandals of American history.

Sidney Blumenthal

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Learning How to Breathe (released 28 May 2011)
Beck Cole's new film "Here I Am" continues the triumphant march of new Indigenous cinema. These are the movies of our lives. In Cinemas from June 2.
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Living in the Age of Limited News (released 14 May 2011)
News Limited, Limited News
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Who or what is Bob Dylan? (released 25 April 2011)
Who or what is Bob Dylan? Ghost? Man? Ghost of a Man? Elfin figure with pointed boots, bent knee and raised foot? Little drummer boy with striped pants and marching tunic? Chorister? Conductor whose gentle hand commands a wall of sound? Rider of the Easter Moon tides? Force who steps through the ordinary world bringing a spirit that is not stopped by any of the foibles of time, place and land? Don Quixote and the wind mills? Is it a child or an old man under the firmly fitting white Fedora hat? Who will emerge with each song? Thoughts on Dylan's Wollongong performance on a fateful Easter day in 2011.
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Crowded Out by Good Intentions (released 20 April 2011)
The problem in Aboriginal Australia is that there are many poor failures that no-one learns from.
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Illegitimate PM (released 18 April 2011)
Free Advice/Wake Up Call to the PM's Office
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Late Night Live Discussion (released 30 March 2011)
Phillip Adams follows the lead to Cyril Wyndham
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Document 7 (released 27 March 2011)
I found “Document 7” in the archived papers of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Federal Secretariat (MS 4985 National Library of Australia). It led me to Cyril S. Wyndham – the first full time Secretary of the Federal Australian Labor Party in Canberra. Who was he? As time has gone by I have come to think of Wyndham as the unsung hero of democracy within the Australian Labor Party.
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Democracy: An Interview with Cyril S. Wyndham (released 26 March 2011)
Cyril S. Wyndham a member of Doc Evatt's staff from (1957-60), a member of Arthur Calwell's staff (1960-1), Secretary of the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party (1961-63) and the first full time General Secretary of the Federal branch of the Australian Labor Party (1963-69) is one of the great unsung heros of Australian Labor. I interviewed him at his home in Charlestown on 24th March 2011.
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Thinking Beyond Labor (released 16 March 2011)
For an increasing number of us it is impossible to go back to support the Labor Party - let alone vote for it. Many within the hierarchy believe that we too will eventually come home to the fold. But it will never happen. Let me try to tell you why.
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HERD Performance 2011 (released 3 March 2011)
Ever wondered at the elusive quality of Australian academics and universities, if you want to know what makes them tick you will have to join the HERD (Higher Education Research Data Collection).
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