"It's all about making people happier, richer, friendlier.. So they stop building fences, separating and buying guns."

Frank Gehry

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Burial of a Villain (released 31 July 2012)
Requiem for Max Williams Reedy Swamp, 2012
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Boat People (released 9 July 2012)
How can one set of illegal immigrants bar another group of illegal immigrants from coming to Australia? Furthermore what can illegal immigrants say about the values of the nation that prospective citizens should aspire to?
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Good Morning Fran (released 5 June 2012)
When, at 7.45 am or therabouts, Michelle Grattan utters the now very well known greeting, "Good Morning Fran", its time to tune into the radio..
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A Great Man of Mata Mata (released 18 May 2012)
Ceremonies begin this week-end to celebrate the life of a great man of Indigenous Australia.
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Narooma (Clear Blue Waters) (released 17 April 2012)
Jack Hart 16 April 2012
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Yorta Yorta Man (released 5 April 2012)
Battle hardened warriors put down their spears; crying women stopped their tears; tired children lifted their gaze, when Jimmy Little began to play.
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Saint Anna: Last of the Labor Dinosaurs (released 25 March 2012)
Those of us who left Brisbane for the bright lights of the Southern cities in the 1970s, came back in the 1990s to a Brisbane that was an imitation of Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane was smarter, used its river but when Jim Soorley left Brisbane City Council in 2003 he too represented a lost connection with the real people and the real doings of life. The State government without Soorley, who the State politicians loved to hate, was all fluff and words and memos and press releases and meetings and no substance. Campbell Newman filled the void. He effectively took over the real working space that Clem Jones and Jm Soorley had occupied for Labor.
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Temperature Rising (released 8 March 2012)
Stand by now for some passion, some blood and some aggression from Labor
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When Hard Men Cry (released 27 February 2012)
When a hard labor man cries you have to wonder why? Anthony Albanese has made a lot of men and women curse and cry in his time. But, after Saturday 25 Feb 2012, more will appreciate that he is, for all his hardness, a good man.
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Unholy Alliances (released 24 February 2012)
Under Julia Gillard the new factions of the ALP are the greens and the independents. Graham Richardson's marginal seats strategy has become a permanent party institution. It all looks smart politics until the next election.
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