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Reviving the Ancestral Ties, Friendship and Trade between Cape York Peninsula and Timor Leste

Alan "Cricket" Creek, Waubin Richard Aiken, representing the traditional owners of Cape York Peninsula, were invited to Timor Leste on a friendship tour to re-establish ancestral ties and friendship with the people of Timor Leste. Their host was Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Alfredo Pires.

This short film reveals the magical, magnificent spirit of Timor Leste. It is an unforgettable;place and the government and all sides of politics seem to have a unity of spirit that is enviable. The relationship between Timor Leste and Aboriginal Australian nations grows and develops with each year. This is appropriate given the long pre-colonial trade era and there are paintings in Timor Leste that reveal the ancestral bonds go back thousands of years.

In releasing this video we hope that it will inspire more Australians to visit and support the world's newest country which already has so much to teach the world.

There is free access to this video until 11am 24 June 2014. It will be discussed excusively on the Sandy Dann Radio Show, Goolarri Radio, Broome at 10am WST on Monday 23 June 2014