If you go to work in the morning with your stomach churning you are in the wrong business.

Warren Buffet

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Tin Tin Returns (released 20 February 2012)
If Kevin Rudd Does Not Win His Position back as Leader, the ALP is Doomed to Never Win an Election in its Own Right Again.
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Mc Knight's Murdoch (released 15 February 2012)
McKnight’s is a serious, well researched and documented book that will probably become a standard work for students of media power and of Murdoch himself. There may even be a secret market amongst those hoping to survive within the News Limited workforce and amongst Murdoch’s minion editors who want to gain a historical perspective on Murdoch’s past and likely future crusades.
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New Beauty (released 9 February 2012)
An Extract from Kerrie Leishman, The New Beauty?, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Saturday 31 March to Sunday 13 May, 2012 - Not to be Missed!
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A New Concept of Taxation (released 29 January 2012)
Australians will be liberated from their accountants. Each individual will have their own portfolio of social, cultural and community investments that will be seen as their taxation. It will be up to each citizen to lodge their own statement of investment in the public good. The much amended, dreaded, impossible Commonwealth Taxation Administration Act (1953) will finally be abolished.
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The Great Depression of the Middle Classes (released 19 January 2012)
The political ethos of the United States is always a challenging monster to harness and understand. Most often it is very different from that of Australia. Often it is so radically different that it is very difficult to explain. The words are in English. The markings of people are similar. But the giant currents of change are unlike anything in Australia. There is a complexity of forces playing across 300 million people, cultural spheres and billions of dollars of investment, capacity and spent energy.
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Malleable Hatred (released 28 September 2011)
Labor party hatred is a wonderfully malleable thing.
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Red Dog for Prime Minister (released 19 September 2011)
Faithful, dedicated, hard working, focused and roundly loved by all - everything a PM would aspire to be.
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Kananook (Sweet Water) (released 5 August 2011)
Trees can talk. Thoughts on the majesty of Aboriginal life and its importance for our nation.
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Jabukanji (Port Douglas) (released 4 August 2011)
Jabukanji (Port Douglas) was like the High Court, a cathedral, a war memorial, a cemetry, and an embassy all in one for the combined Bama (Indigenous) nations of the lower Cape York and Cairns region. Bama camped in the area for the duration of their ceremonial or law or diplomatic business but it was not a permanent residential settlement. Just as Londoners do not live in Westminster Abbey, Jabukanji was a revered place of respect and culture. The Mulloridgi, Western and Eastern Yalanji, Jabakai and possibly other Aboriginal nations used Jabukanji to resolve internal and external issues of state and to conduct ceremonies and burials.
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Learning How to Breathe (released 28 May 2011)
Beck Cole's new film "Here I Am" continues the triumphant march of new Indigenous cinema. These are the movies of our lives. In Cinemas from June 2.
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