On A Clear Day

Wreck Bay, The National Congress of Australia's First Peoples, Looking Forward: A Conversation with Gerry Moore

“On a clear day you can see to Bermagui” Gerry Moore said as he looked out from Cemetry Point . a part of his home community of Wreck Bay near Jervis Bay. But it wasn’t just the view that was clear so was the discussion which is available for download as an mp3 file along with this newsletter. Newly elected to the board of the National Congress of Australia’s First People’s Gerry Moore has a very simple, strong and clear vision of the future.

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Members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community can obtain a copy of this interview and mp3 free by going to Gerry's website www.gerrymoore.com.au and inquiring about a copy.  ATSI can also email peter@peterbotsman.com