" You should never when facing some unbelievable tragedy, let one tragedy increase into two or three through your failure of will"

Charlie Munger

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Patrick Dodson - Recognition and Inclusiveness of all our Diversity (released 9 July 2009)
Australia claims to be a modern society, imbued with the values enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with a sense of reflective wisdom about the appalling immorality and consequences of global colonisation, racism and genocide. The current relationship that exists between Australia’s First Peoples and the nation state is incompatible with the status that Australia claims in the global community.
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Between Indigenous Leaders: the horns of a bitter dilemma (released 6 July 2009)
While there is no independent, credible, national Indigenous leadership forum, there will be no resolution of the structural and ideological impasse between Australia's Indigenous leaders, and subsequently, the endless cycle of failing policies and bitter debates will continue.
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Malcom Turnbull and Noel Pearson (released 30 June 2009)
Malcolm Turnbull needs to bring Noel Pearson to Canberra as a conservative to not only revive the quality and substance of the Coalition, but to improve the fabric of the whole National Parliament.
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Letter from Australia (May-June 2009) - The rise and rise of Anna Bligh (released 16 May 2009)
Two outstanding Australian women: newly elected Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, and one of Australia's great, but unsung, composers, the late Dulcie Holland, feature. "Letter from Australia" is a regular podcast commentary on Australian politics and issues. It features contemporary Australian music that is tragically often ignored by the mainstream media and is not well known enough - even in its native land.
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Marrkapmi Garray (released 24 March 2009)
The Heavenly Sisters perform their song "Marrkapmi Garray (Beloved Christ)" in Yolngu mata accompanied by the yidaki master Djalu Gurruwiwi.
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My Saviour Loves Me (released 24 March 2009)
The Heavenly Sisters sing their song "My Saviour Loves Me" with words first in English then in Yolngu mata.
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Somewhere Beyond the Blue - The Heavenly Sisters of Arnhem Land (released 18 March 2009)
Geoffrey Gurrumul's sister, cousins and nieces are The Heavenly Sisters of Arnhem Land. "Somewhere Beyond the Blue", "My Saviour Loves Me" and "Marrkapmi Garray (Beloved Christ)" (recorded Monday 16th March at Wallaby Beach, Nhulumbuy), are their first publicly released recordings. Their songs are composed, written and performed in English and Yolngu mata.
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Self Determination! Continuing the Conversation with Australian of the Year Professor Mick Dodson (released 11 March 2009)
"At a national level we need a body of our own choosing…" Professor Dodson stressed. With Australia's endorsement of the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights imminent "Self determination has never been tried in Australia.."
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Savvy! (released 2 March 2009)
So everyone is a Keynesian now. So what! Is there anyone, anywhere in parliament or government, who has the practical abilities of Harry Hopkins - who created 4 million jobs in a month - during the Great Depression?
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Letter from Australia (February 2009) - Djalu Heals the World (released 22 February 2009)
As Australia faces the worst national peacetime disaster in it history, floods in the North and the global economic crisis, we meet an Aboriginal man of high degree, Djalu Gurruwiwi. Djalu shares his music and culture in order to bring peace and harmony to his fellow man. This letter from Australia features Part One: the music of Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel and Parts Two and Three: the music of Djalu Gurruwiwi also featuring Larrtjanna Gurruwiwi "Garrkuluk".
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