A New Concept of Taxation

Australians will be liberated from their accountants. Each individual will have their own portfolio of social, cultural and community investments that will be seen as their taxation. It will be up to each citizen to lodge their own statement of investment in the public good. The much amended, dreaded, impossible Commonwealth Taxation Administration Act (1953) will finally be abolished.

"When we move towards such a system the whole Commonwealth Administration Tax Act will be scrapped once and for all and a new simpler set of protocols will be put in place. It will be up to each citizen to put forward his quota of social goods and investments to a certain threshold. Taxation will become a truly interesting enterprise. Accountants will become multi-talented advisors. Citizens will also be able to volunteer as part of their contribution to the greater good of society and this will be seen as a part or a whole of their taxation contribution. The goal of the new taxation will be to ensure a free flow of investments to truly enterprising initiatives for the social good and away from government and bureaucracy".