Jabukanji (Port Douglas)

Jabukanji (Port Douglas) was like the High Court, a cathedral, a war memorial, a cemetry, and an embassy all in one for the combined Bama (Indigenous) nations of the lower Cape York and Cairns region. Bama camped in the area for the duration of their ceremonial or law or diplomatic business but it was not a permanent residential settlement. Just as Londoners do not live in Westminster Abbey, Jabukanji was a revered place of respect and culture. The Mulloridgi, Western and Eastern Yalanji, Jabakai and possibly other Aboriginal nations used Jabukanji to resolve internal and external issues of state and to conduct ceremonies and burials.

The discussions for this article took place from mid July to early August at Jabukanji (Port Douglas), Cooya Beach and the Botanical Gardens in Cairns with Yalanji elders Bennett Walker and Ray Pierce. 

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