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Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Reviving Labor Conference (released 26 July 2006)
A version of this article was published in The Australian newspaper as "Party Inner Sanctum leaves new ideas on the outer" on 29 January, 2004. This is the unabridged version.
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Latham & Dean: What does it Mean? (released 26 July 2006)
A version of this article was published as "Maverick vision hangs on detail", Australian, 08 January 2004
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The Real Third Way: Associative Democracy & the Challenge to Economic and Political Rationalism (released 26 July 2006)
This 2041 word article was originally published in Social Alternatives 25 February 2004 and was first presented as a guest lecture within the School of Politics at the University of Newcastle, October 20, 2003.
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The Americans Baby (released 25 July 2006)
Iraq seemed to be a plus for Simon Crean. At least in the beginning of his period as leader of the ALP.
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Who do you think you are fooling Mr. Bin Laden? (released 25 July 2006)
Unpublished opinion column on Labor's coast guard policy
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Job Zones and the New Poverty of Australia (released 25 July 2006)
A 14,000 word policy report to combat Australia's divide of jobs and opportunities
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Who is Mr. Flip Flop? (released 21 July 2006)
Howard, Latham, Costello: a comparative study. A version of this article was published in The Australian, 14/02/2004, "Latham's bright idea but Howard's still the boss"
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Howard (released 21 July 2006)
An opinion column on John Howard published in the Australian Financial Review, 5 October, 2005.
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Come Closer Comrade (released 21 July 2006)
An imaginary conversation about a phantom pre-selection. Unpublished opinion column, 2005
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Pathological Organisation (released 21 July 2006)
The dysfunctional organisation and its pathological effects. Extract from a larger work in progress: Age of Abstraction: Perils and Possibilities of our Time
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