"It is so dispiriting and its not just the culture clash and the dysfunction of Aboriginal society up against progress, mining companies and the like.. its our complete failure to get services to the people and understand their plight and just provide basic human services.. and to say these people who are living on homelands deserve an education in the same way white people get educational facilities - the instances of bureaucratic neglect and bungling are positively Russian in their scope and character."

Don Watson, 2021

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Cape York Land Rights (released 8 June 2007)
Cape York Indigenous Land Rights a fitting tribute to the Pearson brothers and the elders of Cape York Peninsula
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Polity, Capability, Culture (released 26 May 2007)
The story of how Canberra and citizenship under-developed Indigenous Australia - an essential handbook on the past and future of Indigenous affairs. 112 pages
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Governing NSW - Executive Summary & Overview (released 23 March 2007)
The first performance analysis of the NSW government and Opposition by portfolio. Prepared in the lead up to the March 2007 NSW election, this analysis evaluates Ministers and Shadow Ministers by their performance in parliament, in the media, as statespeople, as managers, visionaries and as policy makers. The highest rating obtained by a politician in this analysis was obtained by Liberal Party Transport spokeswoman Gladys Berekjiklian. The success and interest generated by the analysis mean that a similar and more intensive exercise will be carried out for the 2007 Federal election and other State elections.
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Governing NSW - Housing (released 23 March 2007)
Cheri Burton spoke only 19 times in the parliament, in contrast Mr Pearce was on his feet over 76 times.
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Governing NSW - Local Government (released 23 March 2007)
John Turner worked hard in the parliament and pipped Kerry Hickey.
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Governing NSW - Gaming & Racing & Central Coast (released 23 March 2007)
Grant Mc Bride, George Souris and Chris Hartcher had an even battle in gaming and racing and Central Coast portfolios.
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Governing NSW - Water Utilities, Small Business, Regional Development, Illawarra (released 23 March 2007)
Labor and Liberal National party Ministers and Shadow Ministers were evenly matched in these portfolios.
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Governing NSW - Energy, Ports & Waterways (released 23 March 2007)
Joe Tripodi was simply no match for Peta Seaton, Andrew Stoner and Gladys Berejiklian
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Governing NSW - Fair Trading & Western Sydney (released 23 March 2007)
Despite her war wounds you couldn’t get a better Westie than Di Beamer who knows her way around the hard suburbs. She’s generally held her own and been effective at repelling some of the Opposition leader's more fanciful attempts to win votes in the West.
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Governing NSW - Roads (released 23 March 2007)
In a clear area of major weakness for the government, Stoner has had some major hits. It was Stoner who said of the ALP in May 2006 "The origins of this once-proud party were in the bush, the Labor Party is now a city-dominated party whose frontbench looks like the cast of The Sopranos..” The Sopranos tag has stuck.
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