The Woman who Changed Our Hearts and Minds: The Style and Grace of Faith Bandler (September 27, 1918 - February 13, 2015)

“…change can be achieved if the people are taken along also. The ordinary people. We who are ordinary have helped save the world...”


Three great trees have fallen in the forest in such a short space of time: Gough Whitlam, Tom Uren and now Faith. Even in their passing they seem to have changed the tide of the nation. In thinking about this magnificent threesome we are inspired to do more and to live up to their legacy. I wonder whether this is why there is a change in the mood of the nation. The selfless dedication of these political greats is something that we once again look for in our political leaders.

Faith and her colleagues achieved the greatest triumph of Australian political history. They changed the foundation laws of our Australian Federation  – our constitution and they did so in a way that has never been replicated before or since.  In 2015 we are suddenly all aware of how hard that is to do. 

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