"Will you love me tomorrow?": Garma 2022 Interview with Nyunggai Warren Mundine on Constitutional Recognition and The Voice to Parliament

It is important before the 2023 national referendum to seek out those who are not supporters of an affirmative vote to explore why and to consider the merits of their position or otherwise.

At the end of this interview with Nyunggai Warren Mundine at Garma 2022, just after the Prime MInister's historic speech indicating that there would be a 2023 referendum on 'An Aboriginal Voice Advising the Commonwealth Parliament', the feeling was that Warren would, after airing his concerns, eventually vote yes. The fact that he has now, with Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, headed the "No" campaign is an indicator of the subterranean machinations of Australian politics. There is always room for Aboriginal dissenters on the conservative side of politics. The question for Warren and Jacinta is: 'will they be still loved tomorrow?' 

It is important to have these discussions. To have a referendum passed by a majority of Australians in a majority of States it is very important to continually talk with those that don't agree or have diverse opinions across the spectrum of Australian politics.

To listen to this interview follow this linkInterview with Warren Mundine, Garma 2022.

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