Tin Tin 2009-10: Ken Henry, King of Canberra

Who's hot and who's not in national public affairs.

The Tin Tin Index is named in honour of our virtuous Prime Minister Rudd. Tin Tin was of course one of the nicknames that the national press gave him in his campaign against PM Howard in Nov 2007. The Index tracks public virtue in all of the dimensions of Australian national affairs focusing particularly on the Commonwealth government.


The First Estate: The Church Stop Interview

The Second Estate: Parliament, Bureaucracy and the Culture of Annoucements
- Death and Virtue in the PM’s Office.
- The Henry Government? Australia and the GFC.
- The Culture of Announcements
- The Problem of the Commonwealth Club
- Turnbull to Abbott

The Third Estate: Who will invest in the people?

The Fourth Estate: The Politician as News Story.


Performance Indexes: Federal Cabinet

Performance Indexes: The Commonwealth Club

Performance Indexes: The Opposition

Performance Indexes: The National Press Gallery


Top Performers 2009-10

Govt: Lindsay Tanner and Peter Garret
Opposition: Greg Hunt,
Mandarin: Ken Henry;
National Public Affairs: Emma Ayres

Worst Performers 2009-10

Govt: Steven Conroy;
Opposition: Barnaby Joyce;
Mandarin: Peter Harris;
National Public Affairs: Christopher Pearson.