Strength through Enterprise, Work & Training

Report of the Ngarda Heavy Plant Operator Training (HPOT) Strategy which took 19 Indigenous men and women from unemployment to high paid, high quality work in the Australian Mining Industry. "COAG bureaucrats and politicians need to read this or quit", Barry Taylor, Executive Chairman, Ngarda Civil & Mining. "I also want to recommend it to my hard working colleagues in the Australian Mining Industry". 72 pages, 20,000 words

Extract from Barry Taylor's Preface to the Report

"We went into the heart of darkness and emerged triumphant. We found a pillar of strength in the form of highly capable and successful Indigenous people. There has never been a training program like the Ngarda Heavy Plant Operator Training Program. 19 out of 20 starters finished the eight week course and in that time achieved tickets and qualifications that some employees of two years standing as operators in mining companies have not achieved. There is still a long way for the trainees to become competent, efficient production workers. But this training showed, what I always knew was the case, that there are hundreds, probably thousands of highly capable Aboriginal people in remote areas that should be working in the Australian mining industry. They have the highest capability and knowledge of the environment and, with their natural hand and eye coordination, they are natural machine operators."

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