Somewhere Beyond the Blue - The Heavenly Sisters of Arnhem Land

Geoffrey Gurrumul's sister, cousins and nieces are The Heavenly Sisters of Arnhem Land. "Somewhere Beyond the Blue", "My Saviour Loves Me" and "Marrkapmi Garray (Beloved Christ)" (recorded Monday 16th March at Wallaby Beach, Nhulumbuy), are their first publicly released recordings. Their songs are composed, written and performed in English and Yolngu mata.

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You can hear a free sample of Somewhere Beyond the Blue here

We hope you will enjoy our songs. One day you will come to meet the Lord as your saviour. My favorite song is: "Without him I would do nothing. Without him I would be lost. Without him I would be like a ship without a sail". We will have to record that another day.

Please purchase our songs for your family's personal listening but do not copy the song as our community needs the funds that we hope will come from people purchasing our songs and listening to our singing! Tell your friends to support us by purchasing our songs too.

All proceeds from the sale of this song go to help our community through Gawurr Praise - the Christian Fellowship of the Galpu clan of East Arnhem Land. Gawurr Praise is a part of the Uniting Church.

Dhanggal Guruwiwi on behalf of the Heavenly Sisters, Wallaby Beach, Nhulumbuy, 16th March 2009


The Heavenly Sisters of Arnhem Land are:

Dhanggal Gurruwiwi

Dopia Gurruwiwi,

Ganarriny Gurruwiwi

Lena Gurruwiwi

Raliny Gurruwiwi and

Wawilyun Gurruwiwi .

Thanks also to our Galpu leader Djalu Gurruwiwi.


Please watch this space for more songs by the Heavenly Sisters accompanied by yidaki master, Djalu Gurruwiwi.

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Somewhere Beyond the Blue - Sample (261kb)

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Dhanggal Gurruwiwi