Selected Twitter/X Posts: September – December 2023

The first referendum influenced by social media - a modern day disaster.


September-October 2023 was arguably one of the most important and tragic periods of Australian history.  

The first referendum influenced by social media was a catalyst for Australia’s propensity to vote no to change.

The failed referendum on an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament leaves Australia’s White Australia era, “horse and buggy” Constitution frozen in time.

The implications go far beyond the dreadful result for Aboriginal communities and for Aboriginal leaders. Every Australian is held down by a society structured by colonialism, un-necessary bureaucracy and overly centralised government.

This was a thoroughly awful period in which many honest people and particularly Aboriginal people were bullied and harassed. X/Twitter was the frontline of hate, ignorance and malevolence. Let us never forget these battlelines and the extent to which politicians were prepared to sell their souls for cheap and nasty ends.

What was lost must now be reclaimed and fought for again with renewed purpose and vigour. Next time let us be armed with an awareness of the extent to which lies, deception and misinformation would become acceptable to people who should have known better.