Previously unpublished written notes on the eve of Mark Latham's elevation to the leadership

Unpublished and unedited written notes in the lead up to the Federal caucus vote which would install Mark Latham as leader of the ALP.

THE HISTORICAL CONSCIOUSNESS of splits under Holman, Hughes, Lang, Evatt is etched into the political hides of ALP Representatives. Until now, at no time in ALP history has a leader been replaced before facing an election.

The madness of Canberra this week shows how much the right is split, how antagonised the left and centre were by the Crean leadership group, and how much opinion polls have come to drive Federal caucus decision-making. To consider that Kim Beazley can come back into this mess and do any better than the Crean team is a big punt. To install Mark Latham is to invite potentially the ALP’s worst Federal election defeat ever. The only winner is John Howard and the anything but Labor vote. In one single move the Democrat and Green vote has probably just quadrupled...