Polity, Capability, Culture

The story of how Canberra and citizenship under-developed Indigenous Australia - an essential handbook on the past and future of Indigenous affairs. 112 pages

Let Peter Botsman’s book be a warning to you. There are many Australians, and obviously Ministers of Governments among them, whose attitudes towards Indigenous people, and whose impoverished vision of our place in Australian society, are little different from those that Joe, Theresa and Oodgeroo encountered in Brisbane in those dark years in Queensland. You might think that the civility extended to you is an indication of a willingness to change the state of affairs that grows worse each year and takes more and more Indigenous lives. Remember your history; and understand the machinations of policy. Professor Marcia Langton, AM

This is a book of optimism about our future together. Let us feed our children with this optimism and continue to refine the ways in which the political, economic and cultural sovereignty of all of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia can be incorporated within the Australian nation. Gerhardt Pearson, Cape York Peninsula

This online book may be obtained free by Indigenous communities, organisations and community members. Simply email a request to peter@peterbotsman.com

You can order a perfect bound edition of this book for $30 plus postage and a hard  bound copy for $50 plus postage. Email  peter@peterbotsman.com