The passive social state and passive capital are the curses of our age. Extract from a larger work in progress: Age of Abstraction: Perils and Possibilities of our Time

THE KNOWLEDGE-BASED BUREAUCRACY has invaded all enterprises and industries over recent decades. In most cases tertiary educated experts are programmed to know better than the average, to represent the views of others, to be good citizens by problem-solving or adding some civilising effect to the sum of human misery. A common problem though is that educated experts often claim to represent a larger public or representative constituency through their knowledge. They operate as mini Rousseans, speaking on behalf of the greater good. But they invariably operate from a closed strategic position or knowledge. They lack the ability to pick up their own garbage and have the uncanny knack of staring into the distance and ignoring plain and common requests. They never think or have time to consult with their constituency. In effect core business becomes abstracted from the people and subjects of action.

Age of Abstraction: Perils & Possibilities of our Time