Ngarda Heavy Plant Operator Training Newsletter 4

Ngarda Civil & Mining's Heavy Plant Operator Training (Oct 15-Dec 7) took Indigenous people who were unemployed into high quality employment in the mining industry. Of the 20 who started 19 were offered jobs. With editorials by Executive Chairman Barry Taylor the newsletters tell the story. A major final report is due soon.

Ngarda’s Heavy Plant Operator Training (HPOT) (Oct 15-Dec7) was designed to bring the unknown or unacknowledged skilled Indigenous workforce to the forefront of mining industry employment. Many Indigenous people have a strong skill base that is just not registered through the current mining recruitment process.

HPOT built on those skills, established credentials, provided the necessary inductions and requirements to ensure that the trainees were high class, high calibre entry level employees ready to start mining employment.

19 out of 20 trainees graduated and went on to high quality, high salary employment in the mining industry.

A 40,000 word major report is due soon.

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