Kristina: Reproba Diluculo?

For a few years they have actually managed to banish all imagination from the world, all enthusiasm, extravagance, everything that makes life worth living. But now with our Nero (Kristina), all these things are back again. With Apologies to Lion Feuchwald, The False Nero, 1936

Kristina Keneally is a fine cut of a woman who has managed to flatten her vowels and all other contenders within the NSW Labor Party. She photographs like a movie star and most surprising of all, coming from the NSW Right, she has grace, knowledge and a good touch. The powerbrokers and emperor-makers across the Labor Right are once again rejoicing at their superior judgement in making her Premier. By cutting down the hapless Nathan Rees (Claudius??) they have restored order in the Royal family. But family rivalries, political pay-back and ambitions still boil. What remains of the followers of the revered one (Augustus Bob Carr) mutter to themselves. This week the old head of the Praetorian Guard, Graham Richardson, said what everybody in the State is thinking: “The die is cast for Labor, we will see how good she (Keneally) is in minimizing the losses”.