Governing NSW - Roads

In a clear area of major weakness for the government, Stoner has had some major hits. It was Stoner who said of the ALP in May 2006 "The origins of this once-proud party were in the bush, the Labor Party is now a city-dominated party whose frontbench looks like the cast of The Sopranos..” The Sopranos tag has stuck.

This analysis provides a comprehensive citizens guide to the State Labor and Liberal-National Party Alternatives for the NSW Election 2007 by portfolio based on parliamentary performance and the new policies presented to the people of NSW during the election campaign. The purpose of the evaluation is to go beyond electoral analysis that focuses on the personality of the leaders. This study evaluates portfolios, ministers and shadow ministers based on parliamentary performance, use of the media, statesmanship, stability and leadership, vision of the future and the quality of the new policies presented to the electorate. It provides an overview of how each party works as a team as well as an individual by individual analysis of the ministerial teams of the major parties.

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