Goolarri & the new Aretha!

This article was submitted to The Australian on the 23rd March, 2004 it was matter of some regret that it was never published. Anika Pitt has since left Goolarri and Broome but one day I feel sure her talent will be recognised! You can download a video of Anika singing below. Agents can still reach Anika through Goolarri Media Enterprises Broome 08-9192-1325

There is talk of a new Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, living in Devon England!

I am here to tell you the real new Aretha is a Torres Strait woman called Anika Pitt.

Anika currently lives in Broome and works at Goolarri Media Enterprises. Where you say?

Guy Sebastian and Australian idol move over, Goolarri is the hottest, tightest most interesting media enterprise anywhere in Australia. Goolarri is an expression of the Australian New Orleans - Broome - the place where the red earth meets the charteuse sea, a place of legendary spiritual significance to the local Yawuru people and a place of musical legends. Anika is just the younger generation coming through.

Goolarri is likely not only to nurture the next Aretha, but also the next David Gulpilill, the next Yothu Yindi, the next Debra Mailman, the first national mainstream Indigenous news team, Indigenous TV producers and film directors and more. Of course it has already produced Australia's most sought after indigenous comediene Mary G.