Day of the Terrigal (Audio)

A commentary on the resignation of Bob Carr read by author Peter Botsman

THE FAMILIAR BASS VOICE RUMBLED MY RADIO SO MUCH THAT THE SCREWS started to unwind from the speakers. It was "the brain attached to the voice" saying his last goodbyes. The voice, trained to dominate the "bear pit" of NSW parliament house, resonated across the radio waves: "And so today I announce my retirement as Premier and Member for Maroubra... I do so in the spirit of Lincoln's second inaugural address, with malice for none, with charity to all…" With these sentiments a seemingly august era ended. But it was clear to all that an ignoble one was to begin. Within 24 hours Bob Carr would have known all was awry. Deputy Leader Refshauge was all at sea, and midst the letters of praise, came cries of pain from men like Craig Knowles who chose to fall on their swords rather than carry on from an impossible minority position within the Right. Augustus had unwittingly cleared the way for grandsons Nero and Caligula.