A Concise Chronology of Recent Political Events

Extract from Kim's Dynasty: The Coming Federal Labor Government

1969-10-25 Paul Keating elected to the House of Representatives in the seat of Blaxland, NSW, age 25.

1974-05-18 Whitlam government wins second term. John Howard elected as Federal Member for Bennelong

1975-10-21 Paul Keating (31) appointed youngest federal Labor minister in history after resignation of Rex Connor, three weeks before the sacking of the Whitlam government.

1975-11-11 Kerr’s coup: Whitlam government sacked, Malcolm Fraser becomes caretaker PM.

1975-12-13 Fraser government wins first term. John Howard appointed Minister forBusiness and Consumer Affairs in Fraser Government 

A 5 page chronology of key Australian political events focusing particularly on the intertwined political careers of Kim Beazley, John Howard and Peter Costello.

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