Book of the Year

The Bastard’s A Genius: The Robert Clifford Story by Alastair Mant, Allen and Unwin, 2010

This book is the must-have 2010 Christmas reading material.

If you are wondering like me, what is going wrong inAustralia, then this little nugget of a biography answers many of those fundamental questions that are, no doubt, forming in your mind: Are the record profits of Australian banks an indicator of the health of our economy? Or, are the banks just slowly strangling us all to death? Is there anyone out there in Australia making anything and selling it overseas? Yes! Hurrah for Robert Clifford. Is the automatic adjustment of our wages and incomes to our higher expectations of luxury and life, making it unlikely that new Robert Clifford’s will emerge? Yes indeed. Is our education system capable of producing more Robert Cliffords? I think not. Are we likely to overlook a great many  talented young people because they do not fit into our literary and numeracy based non-spatial and non-practical education system?