Bilingamu & Gaambi

A tribute to two North Queensland Aboriginal leaders



Bilngumu and gaambi were brothers you see

The flying fox performed aerial acts of great artistry,

The crocodile watched from the river and crashed his tail with glee

The bond that linked these comrades was stronger than the sea,

When they worked together, there was nothing they could not achieve.




Bilngumu patrolled the time and tides

He saw everything that moved

Don’t go down to the river bank or you’ll end up morning tea

He was the king of his domain

No creature great or small

Would dare to step an inch onto his territory.




Flying fox worked the air and climbed the highest trees

He dined on the ripest fruits, mangoes, paw paw and lots of vitamin c

When gaambi leaped the rainforest stopped to see where he’d land on his feet

In the day he kept his counsel

In the night he’d ride the breeze

When his work was done there was wild revelry.




The land is healthy and the springs are full

The air is warm and all is at peace

Enemies don’t dare approach

When Bilngumu patrols the river

And Gaambi works the air




The fathers are happy when they see the two at work,

No-one could be prouder at the way they combine their talents

The land and the grand domain will again be ours

When Bilngumu patrols the river

And Junginnh works the air